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Data Fields

 Size of this structure in bytes.
int nStage
LPCSTR pszErrorReportFolder
 Directory where crash report files are located.
 Pointer to information about the crash.
LPVOID pUserParam
 Pointer to user-defined data.
BOOL bContinueExecution
 Whether to terminate the process (the default) or to continue program execution.

Detailed Description

This structure contains information passed to crash callback function PFNCRASHCALLBACK().

The information contained in this structure may be used by the crash callback function to determine what type of crash has occurred and perform some action. For example, the client application may prefer to continue its execution on some type of crash, and terminate itself on another type of crash.

Below, the stucture fields are described:

cb [in]

This contains the size of this structure in bytes.

nStage [in]

This field specifies the crash report generation stage. The callback function can be called once per each stage (depending on callback function's return value). Currently, there are two stages:

pszErrorReportFolder [in]

This field contains the absolute path to the directory containing uncompressed crash report files.

pExceptionInfo [in]

This field contains a pointer to CR_EXCEPTION_INFO structure.

pUserParam [in, optional]

This is a pointer to user-specified data passed to the crSetCrashCallback() function as pUserParam argument.

bContinueExecution [in, out]

This field is set to FALSE by default. The crash callback function may set it to true if it wants to continue its execution after crash report generation (otherwise the program will be terminated).

CR_CRASH_CALLBACK_INFOW and CR_CRASH_CALLBACK_INFOA are wide-character and multi-byte character versions of CR_CRASH_CALLBACK_INFO structure. In your program, use the CR_CRASH_CALLBACK_INFO typedef which is a character-set-independent version of the structure name.

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