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CrashRptProbe.h File Reference

Defines the interface for the CrashRptProbe.DLL. More...


#define crpOpenErrorReport   crpOpenErrorReportA
 Character set-independent mapping of crpOpenErrorReportW() and crpOpenErrorReportA() functions.
#define CRP_TBL_XMLDESC_MISC   _T("XmlDescMisc")
 Table: Miscellaneous info contained in crash description XML file.
#define CRP_TBL_XMLDESC_FILE_ITEMS   _T("XmlDescFileItems")
 Table: The list of file items contained in error report.
#define CRP_TBL_XMLDESC_CUSTOM_PROPS   _T("XmlDescCustomProps")
 Table: The list of application-defined properties (available since v.1.2.1).
#define CRP_TBL_MDMP_MISC   _T("MdmpMisc")
 Table: Miscellaneous info contained in crash minidump file.
#define CRP_TBL_MDMP_MODULES   _T("MdmpModules")
 Table: The list of loaded modules.
#define CRP_TBL_MDMP_THREADS   _T("MdmpThreads")
 Table: The list of threads.
#define CRP_TBL_MDMP_LOAD_LOG   _T("MdmpLoadLog")
 Table: Minidump loading log.
#define CRP_META_ROW_COUNT   _T("RowCount")
 Row count in the table.
#define CRP_COL_CRASHRPT_VERSION   _T("CrashRptVersion")
 Column: Version of CrashRpt library that generated the report.
#define CRP_COL_CRASH_GUID   _T("CrashGUID")
 Column: Globally unique identifier (GUID) of the error report.
#define CRP_COL_APP_NAME   _T("AppName")
 Column: Application name.
#define CRP_COL_APP_VERSION   _T("AppVersion")
 Column: Application version.
#define CRP_COL_IMAGE_NAME   _T("ImageName")
 Column: Path to the executable file.
#define CRP_COL_OPERATING_SYSTEM   _T("OperatingSystem")
 Column: Opration system name, including build number and service pack.
#define CRP_COL_SYSTEM_TIME_UTC   _T("SystemTimeUTC")
 Column: Time (UTC) when the crash occured.
#define CRP_COL_EXCEPTION_TYPE   _T("ExceptionType")
 Column: Code of exception handler that cought the exception.
#define CRP_COL_EXCEPTION_CODE   _T("ExceptionCode")
 Column: Exception code; for the structured exceptions only.
#define CRP_COL_INVPARAM_FUNCTION   _T("InvParamFunction")
 Column: Function name; for invalid parameter errors only.
#define CRP_COL_INVPARAM_EXPRESSION   _T("InvParamExpression")
 Column: Expression; for invalid parameter errors only.
#define CRP_COL_INVPARAM_FILE   _T("InvParamFile")
 Column: Source file name; for invalid parameter errors only.
#define CRP_COL_INVPARAM_LINE   _T("InvParamLine")
 Column: Source line; for invalid parameter errors only.
#define CRP_COL_FPE_SUBCODE   _T("FPESubcode")
 Column: Subcode of floating point exception; for FPE exceptions only.
#define CRP_COL_USER_EMAIL   _T("UserEmail")
 Column: Email of the user who sent this report.
#define CRP_COL_PROBLEM_DESCRIPTION   _T("ProblemDescription")
 Column: User-provided problem description.
#define CRP_COL_MEMORY_USAGE_KBYTES   _T("MemoryUsageKbytes")
 Column: Memory usage at the moment of crash (in KB).
#define CRP_COL_GUI_RESOURCE_COUNT   _T("GUIResourceCount")
 Column: Count of used GUI resources at the moment of crash.
#define CRP_COL_OPEN_HANDLE_COUNT   _T("OpenHandleCount")
 Column: Count of open handles at the moment of crash.
#define CRP_COL_OS_IS_64BIT   _T("OSIs64Bit")
 Column: Operating system is 64-bit.
#define CRP_COL_GEO_LOCATION   _T("GeoLocation")
 Column: Geographic location of the error report sender.
#define CRP_COL_FILE_ITEM_NAME   _T("FileItemName")
 Column: File list: Name of the file contained in the report.
#define CRP_COL_FILE_ITEM_DESCRIPTION   _T("FileItemDescription")
 Column: File list: Description of the file contained in the report.
#define CRP_COL_PROPERTY_NAME   _T("PropertyName")
 Column: Name of the application-defined property.
#define CRP_COL_PROPERTY_VALUE   _T("PropertyValue")
 Column: Value of the application-defined property.
#define CRP_COL_CPU_ARCHITECTURE   _T("CPUArchitecture")
 Column: Processor architecture.
#define CRP_COL_CPU_COUNT   _T("CPUCount")
 Column: Number of processors.
#define CRP_COL_PRODUCT_TYPE   _T("ProductType")
 Column: Type of system (server or workstation).
#define CRP_COL_OS_VER_MAJOR   _T("OSVerMajor")
 Column: OS major version.
#define CRP_COL_OS_VER_MINOR   _T("OSVerMinor")
 Column: OS minor version.
#define CRP_COL_OS_VER_BUILD   _T("OSVerBuild")
 Column: OS build number.
#define CRP_COL_OS_VER_CSD   _T("OSVerCSD")
 Column: The latest service pack installed.
#define CRP_COL_EXCPTRS_EXCEPTION_CODE   _T("ExptrsExceptionCode")
 Column: Code of the structured exception.
#define CRP_COL_EXCEPTION_ADDRESS   _T("ExceptionAddress")
 Column: Exception address.
 Column: ROWID in CRP_TBL_MDMP_THREADS of the thread in which exception occurred.
#define CRP_COL_EXCEPTION_THREAD_STACK_MD5   _T("ExceptionThreadStackMD5")
 Column: MD5 hash of the stack trace of the thread where exception occurred.
 Column: ROWID in CRP_TBL_MDMP_MODULES of the module in which exception occurred.
#define CRP_COL_MODULE_NAME   _T("ModuleName")
 Column: Module name.
#define CRP_COL_MODULE_IMAGE_NAME   _T("ModuleImageName")
 Column: Image name containing full path.
#define CRP_COL_MODULE_BASE_ADDRESS   _T("ModuleBaseAddress")
 Column: Module base load address.
#define CRP_COL_MODULE_SIZE   _T("ModuleSize")
 Column: Module size.
 Column: The full path and file name of the .pdb file.
#define CRP_COL_MODULE_LOADED_IMAGE_NAME   _T("LoadedImageName")
 Column: The full path and file name of executable file.
#define CRP_COL_MODULE_SYM_LOAD_STATUS   _T("ModuleSymLoadStatus")
 Column: Symbol load status for the module.
#define CRP_COL_THREAD_ID   _T("ThdeadID")
 Column: Thread ID.
 Column: The table ID of the table containing stack trace for this thread.
 Column: Stack trace: ROWID of the module in the CRP_TBL_MODULES table.
#define CRP_COL_STACK_SYMBOL_NAME   _T("StackSymbolName")
 Column: Stack trace: symbol name.
#define CRP_COL_STACK_OFFSET_IN_SYMBOL   _T("StackOffsetInSymbol")
 Column: Stack trace: offset in symbol, hexadecimal.
#define CRP_COL_STACK_SOURCE_FILE   _T("StackSourceFile")
 Column: Stack trace: source file name.
#define CRP_COL_STACK_SOURCE_LINE   _T("StackSourceLine")
 Column: Stack trace: source file line number.
#define CRP_COL_STACK_ADDR_PC_OFFSET   _T("StackAddrPCOffset")
 Column: Stack trace: AddrPC offset.
#define CRP_COL_LOAD_LOG_ENTRY   _T("LoadLogEntry")
 Column: A entry of the minidump loading log.
#define crpGetProperty   crpGetPropertyA
 Character set-independent mapping of crpGetPropertyW() and crpGetPropertyA() functions.
#define crpExtractFile   crpExtractFileA
 Character set-independent mapping of crpExtractFileW() and crpExtractFileA() functions.
#define crpGetLastErrorMsg   crpGetLastErrorMsgA
 Defines character set-independent mapping for crpGetLastErrorMsgW() and crpGetLastErrorMsgA().


typedef int CrpHandle
 Handle to an opened error report.


int crpOpenErrorReportW (LPCWSTR pszFileName, LPCWSTR pszMd5Hash, LPCWSTR pszSymSearchPath, DWORD dwFlags, CrpHandle *phReport)
 Opens a zipped crash report file.
int crpOpenErrorReportA (LPCSTR pszFileName, LPCSTR pszMd5Hash, LPCSTR pszSymSearchPath, DWORD dwFlags, CrpHandle *phReport)
int crpCloseErrorReport (CrpHandle hReport)
 Closes the crash report.
int crpGetPropertyW (CrpHandle hReport, LPCWSTR lpszTableId, LPCWSTR lpszColumnId, INT nRowIndex, LPWSTR lpszBuffer, ULONG cchBuffSize, PULONG pcchCount)
 Retrieves a string property from crash report.
int crpGetPropertyA (CrpHandle hReport, LPCSTR lpszTableId, LPCSTR lpszColumnId, INT nRowIndex, LPSTR lpszBuffer, ULONG cchBuffSize, PULONG pcchCount)
int crpExtractFileW (CrpHandle hReport, LPCWSTR lpszFileName, LPCWSTR lpszFileSaveAs, BOOL bOverwriteExisting)
 Extracts a file from the opened error report.
int crpExtractFileA (CrpHandle hReport, LPCSTR lpszFileName, LPCSTR lpszFileSaveAs, BOOL bOverwriteExisting)
int crpGetLastErrorMsgW (LPWSTR pszBuffer, UINT cchBuffSize)
 Gets the last CrashRptProbe error message.
int crpGetLastErrorMsgA (LPSTR pszBuffer, UINT cchBuffSize)

Detailed Description

Defines the interface for the CrashRptProbe.DLL.


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