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Using CrashRpt API

CrashRpt library provides several API functions, structures and classes that can be used in your project (see CrashRpt Functions, CrashRpt Structures, CrashRpt Wrapper Classes). These are declared in CrashRpt.h header file.

Older versions of CrashRpt provided different set of API functions that are now declared obsolete. Those obsolete API functions are still supported for compatibility with older versions of CrashRpt, but may be removed in the future. It is recommended that you use the newer functions instead. Here is the complete list of Obsolete Functions.

Common Naming Conventions

All CrashRpt functions have cr prefix, CrashRpt structures have CR prefix and CrashRpt classes have Cr prefix.

All CrashRpt functions using character set dependent arguments have two versions of function name (multibyte versions are A-suffixed and wide character versions are W-suffixed). For example, crInstall() function has two versions of function name: crInstallA() and crInstallW(). Typically in your program you use a character set independent mapping of function name, for example use crInstall() that expands into crInstallW() if you use wide character set or into crInstallA() if you use multibyte character set.

CrashRpt API by Topic

The following pages cover features provided by CrashRpt API:

CrashRpt API Reference

Below is the complete list of API provided by CrashRpt:

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